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Bunnies went nuts!

All three loved the Orange Crème Swiss roll. The dried orange peel was their very favorite part but they liked the rest too, especially the sisal.

Buns likes to eat it off the spoon

I bought this for my buns as she has a sizable hair ball in her stomach. No idea if it is helping but, she does seem to like to eat it off the spoon. She will not touch it though on her foraging mat. I am going to try sprinkling it over her salads.

Quality Boredom Breaker

Our rabbit enjoyed all the different textures of this toy and different chewing materials. Our rabbit also keeps coming back to it. He may completely devour one material and go a few days without touching the toy then discovers something new on it and comes back.

Entertaining & Delicious

Our rabbit loved these! Each one provided several days worth of chewing fun for our bun. We also like these because they’re edible so it takes the worry out of it. Great value and a great product

So incredible

My rabbit’s (Max and Juniper) just love this treat. Every treat time they will be right by my side waiting for their treat. It is perfect to put in a shuffle mat. And is so healthy!!!!!!
Love this treat!!!!!!

Great treat!!

Our bun goes bonkers over these! So happy to know they are healthy for him and he enjoys them so much! Thank you!

Biscuits and Jam

My bunnies get super excited for these treats! For the first few days one of my bunnies didn’t eat it unless I crumbled it but she figured it out and now they both love the biscuits!

Respiratory and allergy relief forage

My bunnies get so excited for this forage and it helps their sneezing!

Grape Vine Basket

My bunnies love chewing on this grape vine basket and it’s great to put a little of their well kept rabbit forage or a treat in!

NEW! Fruity Stix
Fruity Sticks

My bunnies love these balsa chew sticks!

Willow ring

My bunnies love to chew on these rings and they are thick and last a long time.

Great for shed season!

Awesome herb to mix in with buns pellets at dinner time ! He loves it!

Stacking Cups
Amie Paul
Lots of fun

My bunny loves them. She has fun throwing them around after she’s found the hidden treats. Cute colors and safe materials.

A must for any megacolon bun!

We're 2 years into our journey with a megacolon bunny and I don't know where we'd be without these. Our bunny gets one every morning after her meds and it's the perfect reward. She gobbles them up so fast, I'm positive she thinks they're just a sweet treat rather than a supplement actually helping her condition. Our vet constantly reiterates how well she is doing with her condition after every visit, and I know a big part of that is thanks to these tablets and Delilah! Thank you thank you thank you!!

10/10 all around!

I have two lionhead rabbits who not only go through the normal molt phases, but are also constantly shedding. A small scoop of this with their breakfast has immensely helped keep stasis at bay and their sensitive little digestive systems on track. Doesn't hurt that they beg for it, too!

Delicious snack

Bun loves these crunchy snacks! He loves all of his well kept rabbit snacks!

Nervous system forage

I became interested in this forage blend when a friend of mine gave her bunnies some. I watched them gobble it up. It’s not only a fragrant mix, but it’s visually beautiful as well. Her otherwise shy bunny, exhibited a sense of calmness. So I figured , it can’t hurt to try. Either way my crew seems to enjoy the added variety to their regular pellet ration, or just a pinch sprinkled for them to forage. It’s a fun way to add natural nutritional treat, with benefit.

Forage mixes

While I have not seen a significant difference , just yet. (Likely need to use more long term). I do put a pinch on top of evening pellet ration if.
My Bunnies do seem to enjoy nibbling the mix. It adds variety, to their food rations, as well as being beneficial.

Both bunnies loved them

Both bunnies loved all the flavors.

Festivity Cake
Amy Hariton
Festivity cake

These were the most beautiful cakes. The bunnies absolutely loved the cakes

NEW! Fruity Stix
Amy Hariton
Fruity sticks

My bunnies devoured these fruity sticks

She is obsessed!

At first Lucy loved to eat her forage out of these bowls, but now she is obsessed with eating the bowls too! She is very particular with what she chews on at 10 years old so I'm happy she has a new favorite.


Absolutely love these. Feed them to my boy to try and prevent him from getting sick.

Happy Belly Biscuits
Jim Hansbrough
Tasty Not

My rabbit does not like either product I have offered him. Refuses to touch them.

So I have had to grind them up and mix in with his hay.

Hi Jim!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Happy Belly Biscuits. We're sorry to hear that your rabbit hasn't been enjoying them yet. We understand that some rabbits can be quite picky when trying new healthy treats for the first time. We have a blog post on this very topic that may be of interest to you. It walks you through some helpful tips and tricks for introducing new treats to your bunny.

Loved by my three bunnies!

These little Petit Fours are adorable and smell divine thanks to the dried orange slices. All three of my bunnies were delighted to receive them and started nibbling right away. Cutest toy and biggest hit all year.