The Original Hop n' Flop Burrow Bed



Every night, our very particular princess Delilah waited not-so-patiently for us to set up her two special pillows, leaving a small space for her to flop in between them. Wanting to understand more about why Delilah loved this set-up so much, I dove into research about the nature of rabbits. I quickly came to understand that the two pillows acting like bumpers with a "landing strip" in between appeals to the natural instincts of rabbits; in the wild rabbits live in burrows they create which is an underground system of tunnels that run in several directions and contain nesting areas, runs, and emergency exits.

This routine of Delilah's, while cute and fascinating, was getting a little old setting it up each night. I asked my mother (Bunny Grandma and seamstress extraordinaire) if she could craft something up that would be one simple unit replacing the two pillows. Without blinking an eye she created the very first iteration of the Hop n' Flop®. She designed it specifically to mimic the feeling of a burrow (or the orange bolster and fluffy faux fur pillow in Delilah's case).

After gaining popularity on our Instagram many customers and followers wanted to share in this experience and provide this unique bed for their little ones. We wanted to share the joy and comfort that it brought to all 4 of our buns so after many iterations and much trial & error, we designed a variety of sizes to perfectly fit all the beautiful shapes and sizes of bunnies. We set high quality standards from the get-go and vowed to make our products always be as eco-friendly and pet-safe as possible! Now here we are with over 14,000 Hop n' Flops® sold worldwide!

We can't wait to see your pet's feeling the joy, security, and comfort of their Hop n' Flop®! Don't wait, join the Hop n' Flopper club today!


✔️ INSTINCT | in the wild rabbits live in burrows they create which is an underground system of tunnels that run in several directions and contain nesting areas, runs and emergency exits. The HOP N FLOP® was designed specifically to mimic the feeling of a burrow. Even though our domestic rabbits are far removed from their wild ancestors, they still carry this instinctual desire in their DNA!

✔️ COMFORT | small pets, especially bunnies, cats, and guinea pigs, naturally love to snuggle and burrow - oftentimes in between two things like stuffed animals, their mate(s), pillows, blankets, etc! The HOP N FLOP® provides this natural comfort, alleviating stress and anxiety.

✔️ GROOMING | the HOP N FLOP® is an ideal spot that many small pets naturally go to for grooming. Why? Because it provides stability with its two bumper-like pillows on each side, helping to stabilize them while grooming hard-to-reach areas or consuming cecotropes.

✔️ SORE HOCK PREVENTION | many homes have hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, or other slippery flooring making it very difficult for small pets, like bunnies and guinea pigs, who do not have padding on their feet like cats & dogs. They can easily develop sore hocks: painful sores on the bottom of their feet that can become infected if not treated. It's best to try to prevent them as they can be very difficult to treat. The HOP N FLOP® helps prevent sore hocks by providing a soft fabric with ideal cushioning where your little one can rest.

✔️ DISABLED/SENIOR PETS | many disabled pets have difficulty sitting or laying in a comfortable position. The HOP N FLOP® is designed in such a way that it allows for stable support with it's two bumper-like pillows on each side. A layer of batting in between the top and bottom fabrics absorbs any moisture from those inevitable accidents. The fabric's texture as well as the cushiony feel provides a comforting, relaxing spot to rest and feel relief from achy muscles or joints.

✔️ TRAVEL | whether it's a trip to the vet or even a walk around the neighborhood in a stroller, the HOP N FLOP® fits nicely in most pet carriers and strollers to provide comfort and stability!

With thousands of bunnies worldwide finding comfort and joy in the Hop n' Flop®, we started noticing some patterns in the flopping styles! Discover which one your bun prefers the most!