Outreach Program

At Well Kept Rabbit, community outreach and supporting rabbit rescues hold a special place in our hearts. We believe in the power of collective efforts to create positive change for rabbits in need. Our Outreach page is dedicated to fostering awareness, education, and support for rabbit rescues, shelters, and organizations.

By actively engaging in community outreach, we aim to raise awareness about responsible rabbit ownership, promote adoption, and provide resources to those seeking to provide a loving home to these wonderful creatures. We understand the vital role that rabbit rescues play in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming rabbits, and we are committed to supporting their invaluable work. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for rabbits everywhere. Join us in our mission to create a compassionate and thriving rabbit community through outreach and rescue support!


What is our Outreach Program?

Biannually, we will choose a new rescue to support with your help. Now through June 30th, we will be collecting donations via customer purchases in our shop and building up donations on our end for Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue.

About Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue 

"Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue was founded in 2015 with a mission to bring Respect for Rabbits™️. We strive to elevate the status of domestic rabbits in our society to the level of other indoor companion animals. Our rescue works with local animal services, community members, and rescue partners to rescue rabbits from abuse, neglect, hoarding, and abandonment. We are dedicated to saving the lives of domestic rabbits through exceptional education, advocacy, and adoption. Come support our mission to help these furry friends find a loving home!"

How You Can Help

In our shop, you'll see a "round up" or "donate" option at checkout. When you're ready to purchase anything from our store, you can opt to support our current rescue by rounding up or donating a specified amount!

How Well Kept Rabbit Gives Back

In addition to collecting donations, we also supply the current recipient with a large variety of different size Hop n' Flops®, our popular bunny burrow bed, so that even in the shelter or foster homes, these rabbits can feel safe, secure, and loved.

We also send 8 oz for every $100 donated of our exclusive treats 'ResCubes', formulated specifically with rescue/shelter buns in mind!

Where to find Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue

website: www.respectforrabbits.org
instagram: www.instagram.com/respectforrabbits
facebook: www.facebook.com/respectforrabbits
youtube: youtube.com/@respectforrabbits